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We love helping our clients find their unique strengths, and transform their story into a clear, honest and unique visual language. Regardless of the goal being a small upgrade, or something completely new and groundbreaking, we believe in design methodology. Our process will help ensure that the solution has strategic anchorage. Design should not only look good, but serve a purpose and be functional, regardless of surface.

This is how we solved the visual identity for A-lab


Let us join you on the journey of developing a product from idea to finish! Using an analytical and strategic approach, combined with a good portion of experience-based gut feeling, we make sure that your product stands out and trigger the right feelings. We prefer working with good and/or useful products, and do not believe in decorating "bad" products to make them sell better.

This is how the label we designed for Asina orange soda turned out




We love creating title sequences and other short films that focus on  enhancing the core values of a movie, Tv-series, or a brand. And we are not afraid of feelings! 

We are good at making movies that explain complex things in a simple way, often using animation.

Harald Fossen is no stranger to our film projects.

Have a look at the title sequence we made for the NRK-series NOBEL


Discussing creative entrepreneurship is a passion of ours, and we happily share experiences of both foolish and less foolish things we have done throughout the process of building our company. We also offer lectures on the importance of having a strong visual identity. What it actually is, and why it is important to have a conscious relationship with your visual presence.

Please contact Tone if you would like to book a lecture